6 Ways to Keep Your Familyís Health on Track

By Eric leader-Owner/Personal Trainer


With the constant influx of research on health and wellness, "healthy" seems like such a buzzword lately. Do I have to shop at all locally sourced, organic stores for my family to be healthy? Do I keep a food diary or listen to my bodyís natural messages to tell me when itís full? Should I count my steps? Here are six practical ways to make healthy living a priority for your whole family.

1. Exercise

Not only does exercise help to achieve the perfect summer body, it releases natural endorphins. Endorphins are nicknamed the "feel-good" chemical because of its ability to lower pain levels and provide a euphoric feeling. Getting into a routine, having an accountability partner, and mixing up your workout routine are simple ways to help you achieve your fitness goals. Making exercise a fun activity for your whole family is easy: plan a hike in your local area, rally your tribe to walk the dog after dinner, play a game of flag football in the backyard, or organize a neighborhood wide sports tournament named "neighborhood Olympics."

2. Diet

How you eat affects you socially, mentally, physically, and intellectually. Foodís sole purpose is for nourishment and fuel. Eating the right combination of vitamins and minerals helps you and your family be the best versions of themselves. Try to keep your plates colorful, simple, and full of variety.

3. Sleep

Sleep is vital for our bodies, and itís especially important for young children. It gives us more energy throughout the day, helps heal our bodies, and even gives us clearer skin! Practice good sleep hygiene techniques by creating a routine around bedtime, turning off electronics, and allowing yourself to relax before going to bed.

4. Routine check-ups

Just like you maintain your car with frequent oil changes, your body needs to be retuned at least once a year. If you donít already, make sure your whole family has a primary care provider and has a routine physical annually. These screenings are covered 100% by most insurance companies and help to pick up on diseases and illnesses that can be prevented or controlled with early intervention. Ask your provider about specific screenings that they recommend for each of you according to your age and risk factors.

5. Community

Friendships are crucial to a healthy and purpose-driven life. Friends provide comfort during lifeís inevitable low points and celebration with lifeís high points. Strong relationships with others have proven to boost mood, increase your immune system, and promote healthy lifestyle habits. Join a book club, talk to other parents in the school pick-up line, host a neighborhood dinner party, and donít allow your life to get too busy for friends.

6. Mindful spaces

One of the most important aspects of health is your mental health. Mindfulness is bringing yourself to the present moment and sitting in that moment. Creating a mindful space can keep your mind calm. According to House Method, tidy up around the house, choose pieces of decoration that calm you instead of making you feel overwhelmed, and live minimally.